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Free Notary Services

EDCEA, Local #1 is pleased to offer another benefit to our members.  Please call the office for information and an appointment with our Notary Public, Laura Ghione.

AFSCME Council 57 Delegates Vote Result:

Rebecca Klare and Marcia Woods 


Jeanette Wilson, Jeff Hand and Tracy Melton


Published on: October 18, 2019

Local 1 Will Unify With AFSCME Council 57        

The members have spoken! With over 92% YES votes, Public Employees Union/AFSCME Local 1 members have voted overwhelmingly to unify with AFSCME Council 57. This historic unification will blend two strong unions to become a more powerful organization to continue fighting and winning the dignity, respect, and improvements for all AFSCME members in Northern California and the Central Valley.

Quote from Local 1 President, Winston Ingram: “There is strength in numbers and Local 1 members have gained more strength and the ability to continue winning dignity, respect, and improvements for all public service workers by teaming up with the 28,000 members from AFSCME Council 57.”


LOCAL #1!!!



Published on: September 12, 2019

  Council 57 & PEU/AFSCME Local 1 Unification What Is Happening? Public Employees Union/AFSCME Local 1 may be joining together with AFSCME Council 57 in a historic unification that will blend two strong unions to become a more powerful union for all AFSCME members in Northern California and the Central Valley. Why Unify Now? In the wake of attacks on working families, PEU/AFSCME Local 1 has been a  …

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What is a Union?

2018 Negotiations

 The County Proposal on 2018 and 2019 Wage Reopener has PASSED, Yes - 197 to No  - 192.

Revised 12-05-18

Update 12-10-18   

Above, is the most current update on salaries which includes the County corrections on rounding numbers.​

The 2018, 2019 Wage reopener was ratified by the BOS on Tuesday, 12-4-18.  The proposal calls for the resolution to start on the first pay period following the BOS ratification. That would be pay period 26 which starts this Saturday, 12-8-18.

August 1, 2018 Proposal for Reference ONLY

A Message to EDCEA Membership from Your Board of Directors

Impasse Q & A's

Update 8-14-18

We have had some phone calls regarding concerns with the news of CalPERS dropping Blue Shield Insurance.  This does NOT affect El Dorado County as the County’s insurance is through CSAC.

08.14.18 Action at BOS

EDCEA Action at the BOS

Members Demand a Fair Contract


Solidarity Shown at BOS with Fellow

       AFSCME Brothers & Sisters    

County Package Proposal on Wage Reopener

               Orientation Representatives 

EDCEA, Local #1's Orientation representatives brought it today using the tools they learned at AFSCME's 43rd International Convention.  All employee's hired or promoted into Local #1 units receive information regarding their Union.  From left to right is Rebecca Klare and Marcia Woods.

Rebecca and Marcia are thoroughly informative but if you find you have any additional questions, please give our office a call at 626-2565.

    Update 7-18-18 Regarding Negotiations

The BOS did go into closed session yesterday, July 17, 2018 and the County presented EDCEA’s last proposal which is shown in detail in Update # 4.  As is normal in negotiations, we will hear back from the County as to whether they accept modify or reject our proposal . Once we hear from them, your Negotiation Team will meet to discuss what the county has presented.  This back and forth exchange of proposals is the very essence of negotiations.  Once the Team feels they have received the best offer we are going to get from the County, the proposal will be taken out for a vote by you the members, the final decision is yours.


In the meantime, we are awaiting to hear from the County Negotiator.  We will continue to update you.

AFSCME’s 43rd International Convention kicked off on Monday, July 16, 2018. More than 5,000 activists from around the country gathered together at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to rally, learn new organizing skills and chart the course of one of America’s largest public service. EDCEA, Local #1 is represented by Rebecca Klare and Marcia Woods, pictured left to right in the photo to the right. Rebecca states they are learning many tools to help fellow members grow a strong union!

   EDCEA Attends AFSCME Convention


Updated 7-10-18

Red text below is to help clarify information.

Updated 6-28-18












































   Members Answer the call

to action at the BOS Meeting





EDCEA, Local #1 Members in Action

Members unable to attend the BOS worker action showed solidarity by wearing their RED and BLUE!!!

AFSCME Members Benefits


To read this document in it's entirety, click below. 

EDCEA Local #1 Members at BOS Mtg

Members Unite Showing Solidarity at BOS

EDCEA Members UNITE at the Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting today.  Richard Boyd and Jere Copeland, EDCEA Co-Negotiators, each spoke to the BOS requesting a Fair Contract Now.  Members from South Lake Tahoe met the day before, showing their solidarity with pictures which Jere shared today. 

Tahoe Members in Action, Sharing Information at...

October's Tahoe Board of Supervisors' Meeting 10-17-17


September was the month of fellowship and sharing of great food for both South Lake Tahoe and West Slope members.  Both picnic settings were beautiful; Tahoe Paradise Park and Cameron Park Lake.  The raffle was a huge success.  The members enjoyed winning money, TV's and much more!!

EDCEA Local #1 Picnics ~ Tahoe & West Slope




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