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EDCEA, Local #1 has a Board of Directors (BOD's) that meet on a monthly basis along with EDCEA staff, on the first Tuesday of every month with occasional exceptions.  All meetings are held at the Union Office in Placerville with quarterly meetings held in South Lake Tahoe.  All MEMBERS are welcome to attend.


We ask that you please RSVP 1 day in advance for food ordering purposes.

2020 BOD Meeting Summary

March 2020

Officer Reports:

President– Been super busy, I am going to talk about what has been transpiring as we go through the rest of the Agenda so there is no reason to go through them at this moment.

1st Vice President – We are going to be doing site rep training on 3/16/20, during lunch time. I have also joined up for 2 Shop Steward Trainings on 3/12/20 and 3/19/20, in Del Paso Heights, they are 4-hour trainings, each are evening classes. 

2nd Vice President – SLT High School did a scholarship fair. We tried to make a good impression. The Recorder Clerks office is to be shut down, they were told they will have to drive to Placerville 2-3 days a week. They got the letters on Friday 2/28/20. One employee has already resigned have been working with Roland to address this issue. Another employee there has an issue about driving to Placerville, but it has resolved itself with Risk Management. 

South Lake Tahoe Chief Shop Steward – Excused – Rebecca gave report for Mary about several cases regarding retroactive pay. One case looks like she has resolved it. Rebecca said there is an issue with Kronos. Payroll is finding that they have been making errors’ and it is at the employee expense.  It is really important that you check you pay stubs and if there is something on there that should not be or a deduction that should not  be taken out that you not ignore the issue.

West Slope Chief Shop Steward – One member has two issues that are still ongoing.  A Co-worker had to go on disability/retirement, County worked with us and we got the member at least until the end of March. I am going to work on it and see if I can get her some more time.  Per our MOU if you do go out on disability insurance they do have to payout all sick leave. That’s kind of a good thing to have when you are looking at early retirement in your 50’s. 

Secretary - I have 3 different ones I am working on. One employee was involved in a confidential investigation and I represented her.  The second employee was involved in that same investigation and he choose not to have representation. The third employee was involved in a conflict with a co-worker and she agreed to her supervisor to mediate the conflict with her and the co-worker.  The fourth person is on admin leave.

Committee Reports:

BOS Agenda/Contracting Out Made a suggestion to Roland about doing a new request on some of the contracts that HR has been contracting out.  I think everybody needs to be aware of how much is being spent on attorney fees, to do bargaining against us. We should go back at least 5 years, to see how much money is spent to not give us a raise.

Bylaws and Mission Statement – Making good progress and we are about halfway through rewriting the Bylaws.  What we would like to do is get a draft together as a starting point for the BOD to review.  We have discovered some issues regarding retirees weird language.  So there is all kind of things that we would like to bring back to the BOD, but we are making good progress.

Labor Management – I spoke with the Site Reps at Briw Rd yesterday. The one existing Labor Management Team that we have right now, we started it at Briw Rd that is our pilot program. It got put on hold when Jere left and so Roland hasn’t been ready to jump into it yet but I am going to be encouraging him strongly to do that.  What my plan is that the Site Reps will form part of that committee as well, so that when the Labor Management Committee meets it will be Roland, Don Simon and the Site Reps. So that they can work on issues right there before they get to the grievance level. That is our trial program and the Site Reps seem very interested in it.

Member Development – nothing to report at this time, need better clarification on committee duties.

Organizing Team – Busy working on member list and developing site rep trainings.  Going to bring this up to Tahoe soon.  Recruit, recruit we need more site reps.  We are doing flash mobs; we have one coming up on Thursday.  Have some feedback from Tahoe and support.  We need to have a presence.  Time to wake up the sleeping giant and kick them in the seat.

Outreach – We are working on the next issue of the newsletter right now.  Josh is a new writer, doing one article. Melissa is  a new member of team. We are trying to expand our team and get some new contributors. We should have rough draft this coming Monday and will send it out to the BOD and get any recommendations and get refined.  It will go Laura gets on the 16th and get it printed and distributed.


Ongoing Business

Local One – Working on getting our TV set-up, so we will have better Zoom capabilities.  We are trying to set-up a way to get SLT more involved.  Donaldo said there are 2 rooms in SLT that have those capabilities. Sean mentioned another option is use GoTo Meeting doesn’t require them to physically be there.  Greg said that would also work down on the WS to get more people to attend the meetings.  Sean will investigate it. Marcia said we would need some type of security for this, so we don’t have unintended persons just popping in; that has been our problem in the past on a widespread basis that we don’t have control of who is attending. Rebecca stated we do have access to County buildings so if we can possibly do something like that that would be great. 

Negotiations – We are in the preliminary stage right now.  We have gotten a lot of information and feedback on certain issues coming from people, but I am sure there is a lot more out there that people aren’t telling us about either.  At this point we are working on the non-monetary things because we know we need to get our ducks in a row when we start talking monetary.  The monetary can be a lot of things because people say my job should be this and not that, I should get hazard pay, and it only effects 2 or 3 people but that’s still all monetary and so we have to get the word out there that it is our intention, for all of us, is to look out for everyone.  We should have an update after Thursday or Friday.  

Council 57/AFSCME – We have been having AFSCME people working with us, Charles Allen came up with Alia to meet with the Political Committee.  Alex is helping with organizing. Andy has been up several times to the office to help Laura with all the new computer equipment. Laura stated we got all new computer equipment, we also changed are phone number the reason we changed our number is because we are no longer using AT&T and saving $500.00 by going through Comcast, that is why the number changed.  Ayauna will be coming up on Thursday to train on the new database UnionWare which has way more capability than our old database and Laura is excited about that.  Andy will be switching all our Wi-Fi equipment, and getting rid of the old server we are going to be housed through AFSCME Council 57 which speed are data along instead the archaic way we have been doing it.  Rebecca stated that another thing about Council 57 is that we went to the Delegate’s meeting last month, and one thing that really turned out great is that they had initially budgeted $8,000.00 for training and one of our Local 1 Reps told them that wasn’t enough and they bumped it up to $24,000 and that motion was passed, so Council 57 has a lot of money there for training, and that means for all us, that’s huge and the gentleman that was put on to Chair the committee is from Local 1.  We are getting support from Council 57.  

Texting – No news to report. Laura hopes to have information about free texting programs through Council 57.

New Business:

Business Cards – For the BOD, what information do you want on the cards?  EDCEA template. The BOD is to send Laura an email with the information they want on the cards.

Local #1 Pens – Marcia would rather see lanyards.  Marcia shared the quotes for lanyards. Sean made a motion to purchase lanyards not to exceed $1,000.  Seconded by Jenny.  M/S/C.

Domain Name Renewal – Laura to report back on this item. (Amended 3/24/20 – Domain Name has been renewed and account transferred to Laura/EDCEA Local #1 and the cost was $37.99) 

Itemized Request for Charitable Donations – We got a late SLT Safe and Sober Grad Night.  When was last donation made to them? We need a report of what we have done in the last couple years.  Then we can re-address this at the next BOD meeting.

                   What is a Lunch & Learn Meeting? 

A lunch and learn meeting is an informal meeting that takes place over lunch and/or breaks. Members provide their own lunches, and . come to learn about specific issues.

Organizing Committee Defined

A strong organizing committee is the foundation for creating a powerful, democratic and active union. The organizing committee is the engine that drives the direction of any organizing efforts. The committee’s role is to motivate and unify the membership to take action for the betterment of all EDCEA members in El Dorado County.

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