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Board of Director & Membership Meetings


EDCEA, Local #1 has a Board of Directors (BOD's) that meet on a monthly basis along with EDCEA staff, on the first Tuesday of every month with occasional exceptions.  All meetings are held via Zoom.  


All MEMBERS are welcome to attend. To request a link to the meetings please email         


ROLL CALL Present: Marcia, Rebecca, Byron, Greg, Alison, Karen, Debbie, Natasha, Cherie, Yolanda. Absent: Mary, Scott, Theresa, Ashaka, Stephanie, Tracy

ADOPTION OF AGENDA, CHANGES AND/OR DELETIONS Remove PEU Convention report, add report on SLT Brown Bag, add July BOD goals review, gift cards for new business. Motion to approve changes made by Rebecca, second by Debbie, motion passed.

MINUTES: Motion to accept the May 10, 2022, minutes was made by Rebecca, seconded by Karen, motion passed.

TREASURERS REPORT Debbie explained she is working on reconciling our account; she believes one check is outstanding. Greg asked why last month’s balance was different from this month’s report. Debbie explained the report was YTD spending and not the reconciled balance. Motion to approve was made by Greg, seconded by Byron, motion passed.


STAFF & COMMITTEE REPORTS—Separate handout; Marcia asked that committees prepare updates for our July BOD meeting on steps taken so far to meet goals set at our January workshop.


Scholarships— Proposal was submitted by EDCOE to have applications submitted by mid- March. Rebecca would like us to approve our scholarship program for 2023. Natasha moved to approve; Byron seconded the motion. Debbie asked about the amounts. Rebecca explained $1,000 each payable in two installments, total three scholarships. Greg moved to amend the motion to a total of $3,000 divided among three applicants, Rebecca seconded. Cherie asked for clarification. Amendment passed. Motion to approve the 2023 scholarship program passed. New deadline to apply is February 1, 2023.

BOD Installation Dinner—Cherie reported the committee has been searching but the full committee has not had a chance to discuss. Yolanda and Scott may have more information. Tabled for now.

NEO spreadsheet and AB119—Marcia explained that we have prepared a letter to send to the County to require their compliance with AB119. Byron offered to contact a new employee at Headington to see what the County’s orientation is now. Cherie will also try to reach out to a new employee at her location. Natasha commented that this negligence on the County’s part is an example of what employees can expect in the future.



Nomination of Mary Luckel as VP SLT—tabled

Member appreciation event for site reps and shop stewards—Rebecca wondered if we should do it in conjunction with the BOD installation. Alison agreed it would be a good idea.  Byron mentioned the committee was not present to discuss this. Cherie thought it would be good to include partners. Cherie suggested two separate locations for Tahoe and West Slope. Cherie thought a workday would be more appealing. Brian asked how the County would feel about that. Cherie moved that we change the installation dinner to a single event to include site reps and shop stewards, Rebecca seconded the motion. Alison amended the motion to be for two events, one in SLT and one West Slope; Debbie seconded, motion to amend passed. Original motion to change the installation dinner to two events, one for West Slope, one for SLT, to include shop stewards and site reps, passed. Debbie moved to have it on a weekday, Byron seconded, the motion passed. Alison moved that our July BOD meeting be held July 19, 12-3, and combine it with the stewards and site reps meeting, Byron seconded, the motion passed. Alison moved to change the August BOD meeting to August 16, Cherie seconded, the motion passed to hold our August BOD meeting August 16 with the SLT shop stewards and site reps.

Scheduling Brown Bags—we need to start scheduling Brown Bags on the West Slope. SLT Brown Bag was successful, thanks to Ashaka and Mary for setting it up. Brian should be available after June 26 for more Brown Bags.

July AFSCME International Convention – Philadelphia delegate nominations need to be submitted next week, spread the word.

Gift cards—Rebecca informed us eight cards were gifted to our Union and asked how we should distribute them. It was suggested we should raffle them. Rebecca suggested we could use them to encourage text signups with a monthly raffle. No final decision was made.

Website redesign—tabled pending further information.

ADJOURNMENT Rebecca moved to adjourn, Byron seconded, meeting adjourned at 8:09.

Next Board of Directors Meeting July 19, 2022

Agenda Items and Officer/Staff/Committee Reports due July 8, 2022

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                   What is a Lunch & Learn Meeting? 

A lunch and learn meeting is an informal meeting that takes place over lunch and/or breaks. Members provide their own lunches, and . come to learn about specific issues.

Organizing Committee Defined

A strong organizing committee is the foundation for creating a powerful, democratic and active union. The organizing committee is the engine that drives the direction of any organizing efforts. The committee’s role is to motivate and unify the membership to take action for the betterment of all EDCEA members in El Dorado County.


2022 BOD Meeting Summary