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Board of Director & Membership Meetings


EDCEA, Local #1 has a Board of Directors (BOD's) that meet on a monthly basis along with EDCEA staff, on the first Tuesday of every month with occasional exceptions.  All meetings are held at the Union Office in Placerville with quarterly meetings held in South Lake Tahoe.  All MEMBERS are welcome to attend.


We ask that you please RSVP 1 day in advance for food ordering purposes.



ADOPTION OF AGENDA: CHANGES AND/OR DELETIONS Planned power outages was added to the agenda under New Business.


MINUTES: For May 5, 2020 were adopted with no changes.


Orientation—Ten people attended the 6/8/20 NEO; packets were sent to them.

Negotiations—Roland spoke with Jack, the County negotiator. We will seek a 60-90 day extension. The County is not giving any financial direction. Roland mentioned that another unit is extending their contract for one year with a COLA. He advised that we seek a 60 day extension.

AFSCME Convention—The July deadline is approaching; we need to get delegate information out to members.

NEW BUSINESS:  Planned power outages—we need to consider how the County’s teleworking policy will be handled when planned power outages occur: will we need to report to the worksite if it has generator power. Roland will follow up with Tameka.

Opting out—Roland will talk to Charles and have our attorney review the legality of opting out post-JANUS. Consensus is that our card and MOU language should prevail. Roland suggested we should adopt Council 57’s opt out form.

Jenny reported her committee is close to finishing the next newsletter. She and Debbie have been conferring on the by-laws review. Jenny asked if we are planning to reschedule the Family Fun Nights. Marcia suggested that we should review the COVID situation as we get farther into the lifting of restrictions against large gatherings.

Larry arrived late and shared that he has been getting questions about the County budget and how that will affect negotiations.

The general meeting was adjourned at 6:16 p.m.


CLOSED SESSION: was called to order at 6:16 p.m.



ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 6:27 p.m.


Next Board of Directors Meeting July 7, 2020

Agenda Items Due June 26, 2020

Committee Reports Due June 29, 2020

                   What is a Lunch & Learn Meeting? 

A lunch and learn meeting is an informal meeting that takes place over lunch and/or breaks. Members provide their own lunches, and . come to learn about specific issues.

Organizing Committee Defined

A strong organizing committee is the foundation for creating a powerful, democratic and active union. The organizing committee is the engine that drives the direction of any organizing efforts. The committee’s role is to motivate and unify the membership to take action for the betterment of all EDCEA members in El Dorado County.

2020 BOD Meeting Summary

June 2020

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