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Board of Director & Membership Meetings


EDCEA, Local #1 has a Board of Directors (BOD's) that meet on a monthly basis along with EDCEA staff, on the first Tuesday of every month with occasional exceptions.  All meetings are held via Zoom.  


All MEMBERS are welcome to attend. To request a link to the meetings please email         


ROLL CALL Present: Rebecca, Marcia, Greg


ABSENT: Tracy, Mary, Jenny





ADOPTION OF AGENDA: CHANGES AND/OR DELETIONS Rebecca added discussion of EDCEA scholarships; Marcia moved to adopt, Greg seconded, motion passed.

MINUTES: October 5, 2021—Greg moved to accept, Marcia seconded, motion passed.

REPORTS OF PRESIDENT & OFFICERS Rebecca has been working with several members to resolve issues. It seems we are hearing from more members right now. Rebecca felt the negotiations ZOOM meeting went well; she thought that the negative opinions expressed by some might motivate other members to be sure to vote. She also noticed that we’re seeing more COVID exposures.

Greg mentioned that he’s working on a couple of investigations with members, but he hasn’t been called as frequently lately as he has in the past. Rebecca stated she gets a lot of emails, which she tries to address. Marcia stated the same.

Marcia mentioned she had a conversation with a member earlier today about the MOU elections and getting links to the members. Marcia explained that non-members can contact Laura to sign a membership card and then receive a link for the election. There was some discussion about what we have heard from different employees in our units, with sentiment all across the spectrum.


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Committee Reports – Separate Handout (No reports)


Member Disaster Aid—Rebecca said we had contacted PEU Local 1 to request additional assistance for our members who were affected by the Caldor fire. PEU agreed to match our contributions and would mail checks directly to the affected members. Also, Walter Blair, AFSCME International Western Regional Manager, will be at our office November 18 to personally deliver donations on behalf of AFSCME. Rebecca feels that the members are positively recognizing what the Union is doing for its members in need. Marcia mentioned we should have a photographer present and that we should get some quick quotes for our newsletter. Rebecca said Jenny is going to be there, and she will ask her to follow up on that. Rebecca said BOD members can use presidential release time to attend. A discussion followed about tracking presidential release time vs. negotiation release time, since they are both being coded the same in Kronos. Rebecca will ask Laura to start tracking these releases.

Negotiations Update—Rebecca mentioned the ratification election will be tomorrow. Marcia mentioned that a member she spoke with had expressed concern that some classes are not being paid commensurate with the work they are doing. Marcia explained to her that we can review individual classes on a case by case basis after negotiations are complete. Greg asked whether we want to move away from the compensation study at our next negotiations in eighteen months. Rebecca thinks it’s time we start looking at wages separate from the study. Marcia suggested we should start scheduling these reviews now, since we only have eighteen months. She asked how we should identify these groups. Greg thought we should engage the members in helping with the reviews. Rebecca thinks we should ask Roland how he wants us to respond to members when they mention issues with the compensation study. She also thinks members can research which classifications in other counties are comparable to theirs, even if they can’t crunch the numbers, since they know best what their duties are. Rebecca will work with Roland to develop a plan.

Board Elections, December—Rebecca doesn’t know where Jenny is at on preparations, but Rebecca wants to start getting the information out to our members, since nominations need to be made by Thanksgiving. Greg said he will encourage members he knows to step up. Rebecca suggested we should send the first notice again; Greg suggested we send it with the election results on Thursday. Rebecca mentioned she had some material she would send to Marcia for possible use in recruiting nominees.

EDCEA Scholarship Program—Rebecca reviewed with the BOD some of the rules of the program, and asked whether we want to follow that program this year. Greg moved that we grant three $1,000 scholarships, payable in two installments, for the 22-23 academic year; Marcia seconded. Greg asked how many applications we’ve received each year. Last year, the response was low due to the COVID lockdown. Rebecca is hopeful we will have a stronger response this year. The motion was passed.




ADJOURNMENT Meeting was adjourned at 7:33 p.m.


Next Board of Directors Meeting December 7, 2021

Agenda Items and Officer/Staff/Committee Reports due November 26, 2021

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                   What is a Lunch & Learn Meeting? 

A lunch and learn meeting is an informal meeting that takes place over lunch and/or breaks. Members provide their own lunches, and . come to learn about specific issues.

Organizing Committee Defined

A strong organizing committee is the foundation for creating a powerful, democratic and active union. The organizing committee is the engine that drives the direction of any organizing efforts. The committee’s role is to motivate and unify the membership to take action for the betterment of all EDCEA members in El Dorado County.


2021 BOD Meeting Summary