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Board of Director & Membership Meetings


EDCEA, Local #1 has a Board of Directors (BOD's) that meet on a monthly basis along with EDCEA staff, on the first Tuesday of every month with occasional exceptions.  All meetings are held via Zoom.  


All MEMBERS are welcome to attend. To request a link to the meetings please email         




ROLL CALL PRESENT: Rebecca, Marcia, Greg, Jenny, Roland





ADOPTION OF AGENDA: CHANGES AND/OR DELETIONS: Jenny moved, Greg seconded to adopt amended agenda, motion passed

MINUTES: December 1, 2020--Greg moved, Jenny seconded to adopt, motion passed

TREASURERS REPORT:  Debbie has resigned. The post is currently vacant. Jenny suggested someone who might be interested; she will contact the member. Roland mentioned that Debbie would be available to bring the new treasurer up to speed. Her name will need to be removed from the bank account and credit card.


Rebecca reported that not much has been happening, given negotiations are on hold and she is recovering from surgery.

Greg has been helping members with COVID operational issues. He mentioned how policy is inconsistent.


Business Agent—Roland has been speaking with HR about COVID policy. Closure decisions are being made based on available staffing and number of infections at a location. He mentioned some employees in the Tahoe HHSA office have been in quarantine and there wasn’t enough staff to keep the office open to the public. Roland is in the process of reviewing HR’s proposed guidelines to be submitted to the BOS next week. Most of the proposals seem to be adopted from CalOSHA. Roland would like us to check out HR’s online COVID training. He said that if an employee is sent to take a COVID test, their time off is covered. Regarding negotiations, Roland has tried to contact Jack Hughes about scheduling our next negotiations meeting. Returning to COVID, Greg and Marcia mentioned that members were asking for answers regarding paid leave, specifically what options they have when they have exhausted all available leave time. Marcia suggested someone should gather all information and publish it so we all have it for answering members’ questions. Greg said he would do that.

Committee Reports – Separate Handout



Member Appreciation—Marcia described an idea Shelley and Maria have been working on to have a gift raffle in lieu of a member appreciation event, which had to be cancelled due to COVID. Greg suggested it might be easier to do after COVID restrictions are lessened. Roland mentioned that he doesn’t see those restrictions going away anytime soon, and that our workplaces are going to be permanently changed. He suggested that we have an online raffle and that we reach out to our IT resources at Council 57 for assistance. Marcia suggested we have Laura contact Andy. Roland suggested having a virtual membership meeting, with each member receiving a “ticket.” Jenny suggested having members invite non-members, who could participate in a secondary drawing if they sign up. Roland will assist the committee with setting up the logistics, with March 2 as a target date for a combined BOD and general membership meeting. Jenny asked what time of day would be best; Roland suggested evenings. Rebecca would prefer it not be part of the regular BOD meeting. Marcia suggested breakout sessions; Roland suggested that might be hard to plan and that we should keep it to a general session.

BOD Planning Meeting—Marcia suggested that we use our planning meeting to put together how we want these general membership meetings to work. She suggested we combine the February and March meetings. Rebecca suggested February 13, at 9:00 a.m. to noon, with Laura to post notice on our website by January 26.


POLITICAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Candidate Evaluation Packet—Jenny said she has reached out to the committee to let them know what the status of the committee’s work is. She is happy that she now has more time to commit to the two committees, Political Education and By Laws. She will work with Roland on the By Laws.


ADJOURNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 6:49 p.m.


Next Board of Directors Meeting February 13, 2021



                   What is a Lunch & Learn Meeting? 

A lunch and learn meeting is an informal meeting that takes place over lunch and/or breaks. Members provide their own lunches, and . come to learn about specific issues.

Organizing Committee Defined

A strong organizing committee is the foundation for creating a powerful, democratic and active union. The organizing committee is the engine that drives the direction of any organizing efforts. The committee’s role is to motivate and unify the membership to take action for the betterment of all EDCEA members in El Dorado County.

2021 BOD Meeting Summary

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