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Board of Director & Membership Meetings


EDCEA, Local #1 has a Board of Directors (BOD's) that meet on a monthly basis along with EDCEA staff, on the first Tuesday of every month with occasional exceptions.  All meetings are held via Zoom.  


All MEMBERS are welcome to attend. To request a link to the meetings please email         





Present: Marcia, Debbie, Greg, Alison, Byron, Karen; Excused: Natasha, Rebecca



Motion to approve by Alison, second by Byron, motion passed.


July 20, 2022 Alison amended the minutes to correct her anniversary to 32 years. Motion to approve by Karen, second by Alison, motion passed.


Review of committee goals from our January workshop meeting—Alison moved to table to November 1, second by Byron; Alison suggested that we can put forward our committees to those attending the September and October events. Byron suggested preparing flyers to describe the committees and their goals. Marcia mentioned that it was important for BOD members to recruit other members to join the committees. Motion passed.

September/October BOD/steward/site rep appreciation events—For September 15, Lakeview Commons and Bijou Community Park were suggested for the Tahoe event; Karen will check on whether it needs to be reserved. She will work with Cheri and Yolanda to research caterers for a barbecue-type menu. For the West Slope, Marcia suggested holding the event at our office. She mentioned also that Council 57 would be providing us with a router. For the membership drive, Marcia asked for suggestions on how to track who is signing up members. Byron suggested that Laura could contact those who sign up electronically to find out who closed the deal. We discussed how to award the gift cards, whether to split into two groups (SLT and West Slope); Greg suggested using two-month intervals. It was also discussed having some type of department-wide competitions. Byron and Greg suggested we table. Byron moved that we give one gift card per month to SLT and West Slope for whoever recruits the most members, Alison seconded; Greg amended the motion to include purchasing additional gift cards, not to exceed $250, seconded by Karen. Motion passed.


Nomination of Mary Luckel as VP SLT—tabled to next meeting.



Boys & Girls Club Golf Tournament: Byron motion to table to next meeting, Greg seconded, motion passed.

ADJOURNMENT Motion to adjourn by Greg, second by Byron, motion passed, meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m.

Next Board of Directors Meeting September 15, 2022 in Tahoe 

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                   What is a Lunch & Learn Meeting? 

A lunch and learn meeting is an informal meeting that takes place over lunch and/or breaks. Members provide their own lunches, and . come to learn about specific issues.

Organizing Committee Defined

A strong organizing committee is the foundation for creating a powerful, democratic and active union. The organizing committee is the engine that drives the direction of any organizing efforts. The committee’s role is to motivate and unify the membership to take action for the betterment of all EDCEA members in El Dorado County.

2022 BOD Meeting Summary