EDCEA, Local #1 Officers and Board of Directors

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Listed below is your Board of Directors (BOD’s). The BOD’s is comprised of voluntary, non-paid  employees who are members that are either elected by the membership or appointed by the BOD’s to an Officer or Director position when there are not two candidates.  When looking at the list below, you will see many of the County Departments listed, where each volunteer works. The BOD’s most important role is to help guide the various activities through discussion, motions, and committees with BOD approved actions held at the monthly meetings. We currently have openings on the Board.  Participating is a great way to receive information for the County overall, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the many different departments and to share as needed and represent your coworkers.

Director openings for

both West Slope & 

South Lake Tahoe   

Please contact us

if interested

President's Corner

EDCEA Board of Directors (BOD's)

Officers & Board of Directors

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Rebecca Web.jpg
Rebecca Klare
1st Vice President
Tracy Web.jpg
Tracy Melton
2nd Vice President


Marcia Web.jpg
Marcia Woods
Marcia Web.jpg
Marcia Woods
Greg Web.jpg
Chief Shop Steward, WS
Greg Hicks
Chief Shop Steward, SLT
Mary Luckel


Jenny Wilson
Jenny Web.jpg


Roland Web.jpg
Business Agent
Roland Becht
Laura Web.jpg
Laura Ghione
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Site Rep Training Attendees.jpg