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2020/2021 Negotiations Updates 

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The first negotiation meeting between the Union and the County was cordial, short and covered discussions about ground rules for negotiations and the process for moving the negotiating process along.  The Union also presented our extensive information request to the County which when received will provide some of the statistical support regarding many of the proposals we are working on.  The County plans on presenting us with a Financial presentation at our next meeting and will work on providing the data we have requested.  Our next session is scheduled for February 18th.

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2018 Negotiations

 The County Proposal on 2018 and 2019 Wage Reopener has PASSED, Yes - 197 to No  - 192.

Document VOTED on

August 1, 2018 Proposal for Reference ONLY

    Update 7-18-18 Regarding Negotiations

The BOS did go into closed session yesterday, July 17, 2018 and the County presented EDCEA’s last proposal which is shown in detail in Update # 4.  As is normal in negotiations, we will hear back from the County as to whether they accept modify or reject our proposal . Once we hear from them, your Negotiation Team will meet to discuss what the county has presented.  This back and forth exchange of proposals is the very essence of negotiations.  Once the Team feels they have received the best offer we are going to get from the County, the proposal will be taken out for a vote by you the members, the final decision is yours.


In the meantime, we are awaiting to hear from the County Negotiator.  We will continue to update you.

County Package Proposal on Wage Reopener

Cover Letter  for CO Package

Updated 7-10-18

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