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EDCEA Staff 

Jere Copeland

Executive Director

Jere Copeland joined Local #1 as a Business Agent in 1996. Prior to this, Jere was a member of Local #1 for 20 years while working for Contra Costa County.   Jere moved to the El Dorado Office in 2002 as a Senior Business Agent.  Due to his varied experience in labor, Jere was then hired as the Executive Director of El Dorado County Employees Association, Local 1.


You can email Jere Copeland:




Kim Ivester

Office Manager

Kim Ivester is the Office Manager for the El Dorado Office. Kim came to Local #1 in 2002. In her private sector positions, she was without union representation and subject to the whims of her employers. Her previous experience has solidified her belief in representation of all employees.  At Local #1, Kim is committed to our members' rights and opportunities to voice their opinions.


You can email Kim Ivester:

Laura Ghione

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Please welcome EDCEA's newest employee, Laura Ghione. Laura has been employed in the Local One main office for almost 16 years.  She brings a wealth of knowledge from both private and public sectors.  Laura has been in charge of the production room which includes printing, processing and postal operations to name just a few aspects.  You will find Laura's infectious passion for Charity work of all types contagious and a benefit to our community. 


You can email Laura Ghione:

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